October 23, 2014

Top 3 Most Popular Playstation 4 Bundles

Each time a triple A title is launched for consoles we get special bundles. The PS4 is no exception but this year has been quite poor in terms of hard to resist offers. Gamers did get a fair share of decent games and special deals but bundle offers were kind of lacking which makes it easy to pick the top 3. With no further ado here are the top 3 most popular PS4 bundles.

3. PS4 & Destiny Bundle Pack
It is difficult to find a better PS4 game than Destiny at this time. With excellent review scores, endless replayability and regular content updates the game’s launched boosted the sale of consoles. However, being launched just recently the bundle has not reached the sale number of previously released packs such as the PS4 & Killzone. On the other hand a lot of people waited for this game to be released to order a PS4. Maybe now is the best time to get it and why not just get the bundle and save a few pounds. The only sad thing about it is that it is difficult to get the white console and Destiny bundle. It has not been introduced in the UK yet but the console is available as a separate purchase.

2. PS4 & inFamous: Second Son Bundle Pack
You can’t go wrong with infamous. The franchise has been doing well ever since the first iteration was released on the previous generation of consoles. This particular PS4 exclusive is one of the most popular bundles on the market mainly because the game has a high critic score and it is cheaper to get it with a new console. In other words the bundle contains one of the best games released for the PS4 this year so there is no reason not to get this pack. inFamous excels with a perfectly written story, amazing graphics and environments and state of the art gameplay.

1. PS4 & Killzone Shadow Fall Bundle Pack
Killzone stirred the spirits with its amazing graphics. The game was designed to push the console to the market by showcasing the hardware capabilities of the PS4. Needless to say the result was pretty satisfactory. The Killzone bundle has been selling well making it one of the most popular pick in the UK. On the other hand the game itself was mediocre in terms of story and gameplay. It is understandable why Sony pushed this bundle as it was one of the first games to be launched one the console hit the markets. It might not be the best bundle available but it is the most popular.