October 23, 2014

PS4 vs Xbox One

After about 10 months since the Xbox One vs. PS4 comparison, Sony has proved that it is the better console going by sales statistics that surpassed the 10 million mark worldwide compared to 5 million Xbox One systems. A comparison between these 2 devices is like comparing a Samsung device with an iPhone, they all elicit sharp and mixed reactions from users. Sales figures aside, let’s dive into these game console features to determine what makes them stand out

Hardware and Design
The Xbox One is bigger placed along PlayStation 4 and has vents on the surface to help rid excess heat. It towers over a small home theatre system unlike The PS4 that comes in a smaller packaging, angular stylish shapes and cabinet friendly. In terms of weight, Sony’s device is lighter coming at 2.75 kg unlike Microsoft’s One that weights 3.56 kg. With such a small frame, The PS4 has an advantage of hiding ports although this has a drawback of making them harder to reach.

When it comes to performance, both of these devices have relatively similar specs. While PS4 runs 1.6 Ghz AMD 8-core processor, Xbox employs a slightly faster CPU clocked at 1.75 Ghz. This is a slight 10% increase in power in favor of The One but the opposite is true when it comes to the graphic unit, PS4 runs a 1.84 Teraflop unit from AMD Radeon while Xbox One uses a 1.31 teraflop GPU. The GPU on Sony makes the console handle 1080p games with ease unlike Xbox One that displays in 720p.

These devices both use 8GB of RAM although PS4 has a slightly better GDDR5 unlike the DDR3 on the Xbox. However, in both of these systems, the 8GB RAM is not allocated fully to game developers but rather some portion i.e. 3.5 in PS4 is allocated to run the device’s operating system. In terms of hard disk space, they both have 500GB with an option to extend the storage if you so wish.

Price Difference
When these video consoles were launched, Sony had an advantage has it had priced its PS4 at around 349 pounds with the Xbox at about 499 pounds in the UK. However, Microsoft dropped the Kinetic allowing the Xbox to drop to 349. This price wars put both devices at bar in terms of cost.

Games Offered
The choice of which has a better game catalogue still remains a user’s choice. Both companies strive to release new and improved games periodically.
As far as I am concerned, all this devices are great and achieve their intended purposes very well. A lot of people will have varied opinions on which console they love depending on the features they personally like.